What Makes MedMen One of the Top Dispensaries?

What Makes MedMen One of the Top Dispensaries?

In the world of medical marijuana, some companies have been able to stand above the rest in success and industry. Much like with the tech boom in Silicon Valley of the early 70's, the marijuana industry is exploding across the nation–with only a small handful of individuals leading the charge.

In the case of the marijuana industry in North America, being first to market has been a swift indicator of potential success. This is what helped propel two young marijuana tycoons into national cannabis stardom.

What began as a small business in medical marijuana, turned into the vast multi-state retail marijuana enterprise that it is today.

That is, the dispensary chain called MedMen. As a sidenote, feel free to check out our Tips on Improving Your Cannabis Flavor.

Seeing Potential in Marijuana

Marijuana has been legalized in California for medicinal use for quite some time. However, it wasn't until 2012 that the real explosion of marijuana as an industry in the United States began.

Prior to this, in 2010, Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin claim that they saw a serious potential for the marijuana industry nationwide and decided to invest as soon as they could.

It would take 8 years to achieve widespread success. It was in 2018 when the state of California legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes, and MedMen became a household name. In that same year, using aggressive expansion tactics, the pair expanded MedMen into New York, Nevada, and even Florida in 2019.

As of now, you can find MedMen stores in Arizona, Nevada, California, Illinois, Florida, and New York. Today, MedMen is a multi-million-dollar mega corporation within the small (but growing) marijuana industry. Aside from becoming so massive so quickly, what makes this 'Apple Inc' of the Marijuana world so much better than the rest?

De-stigmatizing Marijuana

In many ways, the marijuana industry is still rather stigmatized. Many recreational and medicinal users find themselves trying to visit their dispensaries discreetly, and away from prying eyes. There is simply too much social stigma surrounding cannabis use to eliminate in only a few years. However, MedMen has done a bang-up job of trying.

The MedMen experience is unlike any other dispensary experience in the United States. Founders Modlin and Bierman always strove to make MedMen akin to shopping at somewhere like 'Whole Foods' or 'The Apple Store'. That is, they wanted buying marijuana to be a sleek, stylish, and cutting-edge experience that makes shoppers feel welcome and 'at ease'.

When you enter MedMen stores, you will find Budtenders who are knowledgeable and welcoming, and who will even check you out with iPads and iPhones. You'll find a clean atmosphere with sleek and minimalist decor and furniture, and the entire experience is like being in a high-end retail chain. Which is what sets them apart in the eyes of marijuana users.

You see, for many, the dispensary experience can be a bit grungy or shady. Many dispensaries across the United States and Canada seem to be marketed towards the stereotypical 'stoner'–which is not what the majority of users are.

MedMen targets their services towards the average user who wants to feel like they are buying something normalized, and even cutting edge–not some back alley weed from their dealer. It's this difference that has made MedMen spread to over 32 locations, across 6 states, with over 1,000 employees, and earning a $1 billion evaluation.

The MedMen chain is a look into what marijuana as an industry can be if given enough time. It is a chain of marijuana dispensaries that aims to provide a comfortable, sleek, and high-tech experience–not a skeezy feeling. Buying marijuana is still stigmatized in many social circles, and the MedMen experience is going a long way towards changing that.