Where to Find CBD Processing & Wholesale CBD Isolate & Oil in Oregon

Where to Find CBD Processing & Wholesale CBD Isolate & Oil in Oregon

Are you a legitimate buyer looking for hemp derived cbd isolate? We have done all the heavy lifting, wading
through the nonsense, eliminating the myriad of brokers and middleman, misinformation and mispricing in the
market place.

Oregon’s Wholesale CBD Oil & Isolate Industry

Discount Pharms has partnered up with a select few manufacturers to offer quality product at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Because we have verified all sources (with our own eyes via visitation to the actual labs making the product) it also means we only work with verified buyers on all larger orders.

CBD (AKA cannabidiol) can be processed to many forms.

The cbd isolate we carry is 99.4% (or higher) pure anyhydrous cannabidiol extract derived from legal U.S. grown non-GMO hemp crops grown without herbicides, insecticides or pesticides. This product can be used as an additive in foods and liquids or infused into a wide variety of natural health products. Our cbd isolate can also be used in nutritional supplements, topicals and cosmetics. It contains no THC, so products are not psychotropic i.e. there is no associated “high”. On top of verifying the source, all cbd isolate we carry is batch tested for third-party verification. This step protects our customers and ensures quality throughout our supply

“We are transparent on our buy price on all larger transactions as we feel this is the only way to truly do
business and create long term lasting contracts and relationships.”

Unlike many others in the market place, we feel like providing value, being transparent and operating with integrity on all transactions means that everybody wins.

Our goal is always a long-term relationship. We aim to achieve this with excellent customer service, ease of transactions/best pricing, clear and concise SOP’s while eliminating the noise in the market.

If you are new to this market consider yourself very fortunate as you have stumbled upon a verifiable source of 99.4% (or higher) of cbd isolate also known as c

Are you a legitimate seller/supplier of hemp derived cbd isolate?

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What Is CBD Crystalline Isolate

CBD Crystalline Isolate is a cannabidiol in a pure state. It is a white powder that only contains the Cannabidiol chemical compound. In this form it is very popular with retail customers selling to end users and formulators of products like edibles etc.

How Is CBD Cannabidiol Isolate Made

Without boring you it’s a multiple step process that we will cover quickly. Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp flower and stalks typically using a supercritical CO2 or Hydrocarbon extraction process. This oil is then winterized to remove fats and lipids from the product. Plant material is then removed from the material (typically done with a few rounds of what is known as rotovap) and then then the material is decarboxylated prior to its final phase of ‘creating cbd isolate or crystalline’.


Our Buying Process

Finding a qualified source of quality isolate is not always that easy. We have personally vetted all of the isolate sources we work with and our confident in their ability to delivery quality product on time whether that is a 1kg or orders of 100’s to 1000’s a month on a contractual basis. Due to the amount of cost, time and effort it took us to find and verify our sources we follow an efficient and specific process that protects all parties involved.

  • We will send all COA’s prior to any transaction.
  • We link the buyer directly to the manufacturer to eliminate the noise in the market. Prior to this step a
    legal binding document will be sent over and needs to be executed by the buyer.
  • On small orders monies are sent directly to the manufacturer and the order is shipped.
  • On larger orders the seller needs to submit a proper LOI stating order quantities and contractual
    requirements. An LOI from the supplier can also be produced if needed.
  • Monies will then be sent into a third-party escrow account. Depending upon the parameters of the
    transaction, the specific escrow account can be negotiated by both parties if a specific contact is
    required to verify funds. We can also verify funds directly with the bank or institution.
  • Once proof of funds are in place, a visit to the isolate supplier can often-times occur (and is
    recommended to eliminate all risk) or a face time video showing proof of product will happen.
  • Product can be third party tested by a lab like Pro Verde and we also recommend this step to eliminate
  • Upon all parties being comfortable moving forward product is shipped.

Once the buyer receives the product and is satisfied with the transaction, funds are released to the seller.
We do not work with anyone who is not able to follow these simple steps above. A legitimate proof of funds
is always required (except on smaller purchases where money is directly sent over) and there is no way
around this. We are 100% professional, transparent and honest and require the same from anyone we do
business with.

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