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Growing Weed from Seed vs. Clone

Growing Weed From Seed vs. Clone
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When beginning or increasing any grow, your first question may be…should I buy seeds or clones? While both grow the same end result, they begin very differently. Both seeds and clones have their own benefits and negatives. Before you choose, check out the pro’s and con’s of growing weed from seed vs. clone. 

Sowing Seeds

Seeds vs. clones is a common debate, but both sides have valid verdicts based on trials or success. Let’s first take a look at the benefits of growing from a seed start.

  • Easier to Transport & Handle – In today’s world, the internet allows for easy seed sales and shipping. This includes autoflower seeds, feminized seeds, hemp seeds, and more. Seeds are small in size, cheap to ship and easier to handle than clones.
  • Storage – Once you purchase the seeds, you can properly store them to grow later or over a longer period of time. If kept correctly, in a cool dark area, seeds can last up to 5 years. Older seeds can have a more difficult time germinating, but it’s an advantage to consider.
  • Proven Lineage – If purchasing seeds from a proven seed bank, you can be sure of the lineage and know what to expect as for growth, appearance and yield. Certain strains can be extremely valuable, but costly too. Choosing feminized seeds will also ensure that no plants turn up male, as they sprout.
  • Roots & Pests – Unlike clones, growing from a seed creates a ‘tap root’. A tap root is a supportive base for the plant, allowing for improved water and nutrient uptake. Tap roots are ideal if growing from seed outdoors, but not as necessary for indoor container growing. Growing from seeds also avoids any inherent disease, molds, or pests that can come along with clones.

With any list of pro’s there are always a few con’s. Like. if you don’t pony up for feminized seeds, you can run the risk of growing male plants. And not all seeds, may germinate. Waiting for seeds to grow can also take longer, extending your time to harvest.

When purchasing seeds, look for a dark brown or light grey color. If the seeds are white, yellow or small, they are likely immature.

Seeds vs. Clones

Planting Clones

Clones can be a fool-proof way to begin a growing garden. Coming as ‘cuts’ from mother plants, you’re beginning with an established start vs. seeds not sown. Let’s review the benefits of growing from a clone start.

  • Time Clones come maturely so you’re able to grow straight from the veg phase. This leads to a faster harvest, overall.
  • Consistent RatiosThe clone you get, will be an exact replica of the mother plant and its’ phenotype. This takes out the guesswork on the ratio of THC : CBD, plant’s growing cycle and when it will be ready to harvest. The breeder will often have documentation, or samples of the strain to review first, too.
  • Guaranteed Gender Again, because the clone comes from a mother plant you can be guaranteed unlike certain seeds, that the plant will grow female too. However, the plant can still become hermaphrodite from stress, even from a mother clone.

Clones have been notoriously harder to travel due to their delicate nature. This makes tracking them down, a little more difficult. But emerging packaging and shipping options have addressed this issue. Nationwide shipping of clones is becoming increasingly possible, but can come with a cost.

One con of clones can be the susceptibility to disease or pests from the plant it was taken from. Ensure you’re purchasing your clones from a trusted seller. Be sure to monitor clones closely, as they can be sensitive to nutrients or environments in beginning stages of growth.

Choose Wisely

Use the information you learned today to answer the question, growing weed from seed vs. clone? Depending on your location, equipment, or amount of patience will ultimately decide your answer. Get your garden going…check out our shop for trusted clones, seeds and more, now!

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