Want to get into the CBG game with dependable quality genetics and proven results? Then CBG clones from Discount Pharms’ trusted vendors are the way to go. Whether you’re looking to launch your farm or expand your operation with the freshest trend to hit the cannabis world…CBG clones are the easiest option to get you on your way to success. Avoid the risk of seeds not germinating, and begin your CBG growing journey faster with established clones from credible sources. And with CBG…you’ll be head of the rest, as its’ the next big thing since CBD with advancing medical benefits. Source your farm with strong clean CBG clones from our top-quality and vetted partners, and watch your grow-up produce higher yields, in an in-demand market today.

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Where there’s legalization, there’s a way. Our trusted CBG Clone distributors are savvy in transporting clones, and have the experience to deliver the goods, carefully and efficiently. Don’t see your state? Contact us, direct.

Our CBG clone partners are fully vetted, and have passed our intense quality standard process. Minimize risk for your operation, and know you’re getting healthy, quality and proven CBG clones and genetics.

Need a customized CBG strain, wholesale orders or have a special request for purchasing? Rest assured, Discount Pharms and our trusted partners are here to help. Send us a message, and ensure your CBG clones are exactly what your operation needs.

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No matter where you’re located…if cannabis is legalized, the market is booming. And to stand out in the crowd, there’s no better or quicker way, than CBG clones. As studies increase, CBG is standing out as a cancer-fighting, medically advanced cannabis compound. Based upon the success of CBD…CBG is prized to be the latest and most in-demand cannabinoid in medical fields. Team up with our trusted network of nurseries and breeders, and partner with the best in the industry. Discount Pharms is the premier source for high quality CBG clones, boutique or customized strains and the experience to set you up for success. Are you ready to customize your CBG clone growing experience? Click below, and get your foot in the door of the emerging CBG market.


  • Our nurseries and partners are licensed in their state to sell cannabis and CBG clones.
  • Customize your top-quality CBG clone experience, with strains grown specifically for you.
  • Your CBG clones get delivered or transported directly to you…nationally, or internationally.
  • Buying in bulk? Get exclusive discounts on wholesale orders through our trusted network.
  • Get the growing and purchasing support your need with our experienced cannabis professionals.


Our cannabis and hemp consultants are trained professionals who are standing by waiting for you to contact them! Click the button below to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBG clones legal?
In the USA, CBG is federally legal when it is derived from the hemp plant vs. the marijuana plant. Like CBD, as long as THC remains under .3%, CBG is legal to purchase and ship in all 50 states and many other countries too. Do CBG clones grow differently than other clones? Not at the beginning, no, CBG clones develop the same as standard cannabis or hemp clones. But, depending on the strain your standard growing length or time may differ. To increase CBG levels that are at high levels in immature plants, some genetics may require earlier harvesting, like 6-8 weeks.
Are CBG clones guaranteed clean, or tested for bugs?
  • Unfortunately, due to a number of outlying factors, Discount Pharms and our nurseries are not able to guarantee clones are free from issues like bugs, nutrient deficiencies, or soil bacterials. While we do partner with the best in the industry, nobody is 100% perfect – and in the growing world, things or anything can happen. What we suggest is prior to choosing your nursery or purchasing your CBG clones – check in with your supplier. See what they can do or offer, in a non-ideal situation where bugs or issues may arise.
  •  Normally refunds can be provided, or clones can be exchanged. Protect your operation, and ensure this is  addressed prior to placing your order.  addressed prior to placing your order. 
What type of paperwork will come with my CBG clones?
Our suggestion is to check in with your CBG clone provider, for the following items – Clone genetics (any of these) Cannabis or Hemp Licensing Certificate of Analysis (COA’s) Refunds and/or Exchanges Can you ship CBG clones out of the country? Yes! We now offer international shipping to certain countries where Hemp and CBG are legal.