CBG or Cannabigerol is the next best thing since CBD…and Discount Pharms provides you the opportunity to easily grow with the trend. Termed as one of the most medically beneficial cannabis compounds, we’ve connected with the best CBG seed distributors to help your operation succeed in a booming market. Whether you’re looking for CBG seed wholesale or single pack seeds, Discount Pharms is the only partner you need for cost effective and premier genetics.

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Finding the best cannabis flower for Delta-8 THC is easy—just buy through Discount Pharms. Whether you want to package the hemp for retail or process it for concentrate, we can help you obtain all the flowers you need for your Delta-8 products.

Need the dependability of proven breeders with top-quality genetics? Look no further – we’ve partnered with the premier CBG seed distributors who have the results to back. From large farms to small operations, choose the best for success for higher yields and increased ROI.

If you need pure Delta-8 THC packaged and ready to sell to your customers, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want Delta-8 isolate in a crystalline solid or a powder, or if you’d rather have a liquid distillate perfect for adding to drinks and other goods, we’ve got all the Delta-8 compounds at Discount Pharms.

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Entering any growing cannabis market, means your large or small operation needs to stand out in the crowd. And CBG seeds will give you that advantage. Diversify your farm or garden and increase the demand for your plants, with the most cost effective method…trusted CBG seeds to sow your spot in a booming market. Whether you’re growing indoors, for biomass, boutique or outdoor cannabis…it all begins with proven genetics. With Discount Pharms, rest assured, your CBG supplier has completed an extensive vetting and quality standard process. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your hemp farm succeed this harvest season! this harvest season!


  • Our top-quality breeders partner with commercial farms and retail shops to deliver
  • Boutique and trusted CBG seeds for strains in demand. 
  • Feminized and autoflower CBG seeds available for large farms or small operations.
  • Cost effective CBG seeds with proven results. 
  • CBG seed suppliers who have passed our intensive vetting process & met quality standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of CBG seeds?
CBG seeds produce cannabis flower with high levels of the cannabinoid, cannabigerol. Which research is proving has a variety of beneficial medical uses including – Pain & muscle relief Antifungal Antidepressant Psoriasis relief Treatment for MRSA Anxiety relief Relief of Huntington’s Disease & symptoms Glaucoma treatment CBG seeds are a cost efficient way to begin growing strains that are increasing in demand. In addition, some cannabis users prefer CBG strains due to its ability to avoid paranoia vs. other strains high in THC. oactive effects of THC alongside the high CBD content, hybrids like: AC/DC Cannatonic Sour Tsunami etc. These are the perfect choice for your personal Cannabis needs.
CBG vs CBD...are they the same?
CBG and CBD are both cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. But each provide their own unique effects or benefits for medical relief. Like CBD, CBG does not have any psychoactive properties. Meaning, unlike THC it will not make users feel ‘high’. Because CBG and CBD have different chemical structures, they work in their own ways internally to deliver their individual effects.   
Is germination of CBG seeds guaranteed?
Because of environmental and uncontrollable factors, no germination of CBG seeds are not guaranteed. Under ideal growing conditions, CBG seeds should germinate within 3 days-1 week of planting. 
Can CBG get you high?
No, like CBD, CBG does not have psychoactive properties that provide users with a ‘high’ like THC. 
What strains have high levels of CBG?
A few strains becoming well-known for being high in CBG include – Destroyer Bleu Berries Mickey Kush Eldorado Magic Jordan And more! Contact our trusted vendors for specific CBG seed strains they carry, and which one would be best for your operation and needs.