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Starting a farm or retail shop this year? Do you want to purchase high-quality hemp seeds with proven genetics and COA’s? Discount Pharms offers the perfect variety of hemp strains for your specific needs. From wholesale seeds for large farms to individual seed packs for stores, partnering with us gives you unparalleled access to the best genetics, at the best prices. Buy hemp seeds from the sections below.

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Wholesale Hemp Seeds
Don’t wait. Seeds go fast. Contact us for bulk seed inquiries. High CBD hemp seeds with low THC that’s what our seeds are all about.

We specialize in bulk CBD seed orders and we get them from some of the largest professional hemp farms in North America. We know that your business depends on the quality of your hemp seeds, and we are committed to providing you with top-quality seeds at an affordable price.

Quality Seed Genetics
Need seeds with powerful sedative or psychoactive traits? Our wholesale program keeps Cannabis farms both small & large, stocked with strong genetics to increase your yield, and bottom line. When it comes to hemp seeds for sale, we’ve got you covered. Check out your options below.

Custom Strains
Need high CBD? CBG? CBD-A? We work closely with award-winning seed genetic producers around the world to bring you a high level of customization. No matter what kind of hemp strain you're looking to create, we can help you make it happen so that your business is as successful as possible.

Contact us today to start crafting your very own unique hemp strain.

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Need A Large Seed Order?

Hemp seed season is here and we are thrilled to be able to offer you bulk discounts.

Starting a large hemp operation means your farm will want high CBD strain seeds to compete with the booming hemp market.

Hemp farmers across the world are ordering 15,000 – 10,000,000 feminized hemp seeds in one push. From boutique indoor CBD hemp strains to outdoor commercial strains, making sure your genetics are matched to your needs is a must.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your hemp farm succeed this harvest season. With our expertise and experience in dealing with CBD hemp seeds, we know what it takes to make sure you get the best possible product for your money.

Healthy Cbd Seeds

We are a full-spectrum supplier of commercial & boutique hemp and cannabis seeds as well as a wide variety of organic to non-GMO CBD products.

Commercial farms and retail shops alike trust our feminized hemp seeds, which are readily available, to send their numbers through the roof.

We have tons of suppliers we work with to bring you the best products possible. Each supplier has passed an intense vetting process to match your needs and our quality standards. We make sure that any product that comes from us is something we would be proud to use ourselves and something that you, as a customer, are thrilled with.

*Each supplier has passed an intense vetting process to match your needs, and our quality standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many CBD Hemp Seeds do I need to plant per Acre?
It depends on the proximity of the hemp plants you are growing. Typically with a 3x3ft planting space, you’ll need at least 2,000 feminized hemp seeds per acre.

You don’t want to have your hemp plants too close together as the lack of wind can cause issues with mold etc depending on where your hemp farm is located.
Which strains of cannabis contain the most CBD?
Strains like Pennywise, Stephen Hawking Kush, and Sweet and Sour Widow are powerful indicas that are very popular among those looking for the effects of CBD.

But if you’re looking for some of the psychoactive effects of THC alongside the high CBD content, hybrids like:

  • AC/DC
  • Cannatonic
  • Sour Tsunami
  • etc.

These are the perfect choice for your personal Cannabis needs.
Can a grower increase CBD content by manipulating environmental factors?
Contrary to some rumors, a plant cannot be made CBD-rich if it lacks the right genetic make-up. The ratio of THC to CBD, and other cannabinoid is already genetically determined in each strain.

This is according to a study done by biochemist Etienne de Meijer- Inheritance of the Cannabinoid Phenotype. A hemp farmer can, however, influence overall cannabinoid content by manipulating certain environmental factors such as temperature, light, water acidity, nutrients, etc.

Each of these factors play a major role in affecting each plant’s health.
Is germination guaranteed?
Unfortunately, no. Germination is not guaranteed because there are simply too many variables involved in the process. But with proper cultivation techniques, hemp seeds will likely germinate within three days.

In some cases, it could take upwards of a full week to sprout.
How do I know if I’m getting quality genetics?
When breeders talk about “unstable genetics,” that means that a seed’s origin is unknown.

So when you buy a packet of hemp seeds, make sure that the seed pack or the breeder who produced them can list where the seeds came from, and how they were crossed and/or backcrossed to get the seed you hold in your hand.

And if you can’t get a seed’s history, just know it could be getting anything.

This is the result of poor breeding practices.

An inexperienced breeder might cross a male and a female one time and sell the resulting seeds as a new hybrid strain, but professional breeders usually put their strains through several rounds of backcrossing to stabilize the genetics and ensure consistent plants across the board.
What’s the difference between regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds?
Regular seeds contain both male and female plants and need to be placed under specific light cycles to induce both vegetation and flowering phases.

Autoflower seeds will do just as their name suggests automatically flower once the plant reaches a certain age, instead of having to induce flowering by changing the light cycle.

Feminized hemp seeds are pre-selected to contain nothing but flowering females. this is to avoid having to wait for weeks to determine the sex of each plant, and to avoid the risk of having the females pollinated by the males if not removed in time.
Why Should I Carry Delta-8 THC in My Store?
The reason is simple: Draw new consumers into the cannabis sphere. You may meet some consumers who want something stronger than CBD but weaker than Delta-9, and for them, Delta-8 should be the perfect solution. Whether they want to use Delta-8 to test the waters or to achieve a high more fitting for a casual occasion, you can meet consumers’ needs with these products.

And since hemp-based products have been granted federal protection under the Farm Bill, you may gain a wider clientele by selling Delta-8.
What are the benefits of hemp seeds?
Many people consider hemp seeds to be a superfood, and for good reason. They have a rich nutritional profile and provide a range of health benefits, ranging from anxiety/stress relief, sleep aid, bone & joint protection, heart & brain protection, improve the skin, and more.

They are also a source of complete protein that is they have all 9 essential amino acids. Hemp seeds are also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation throughout the body. Hemp seeds can be eaten raw or ground into flour, which is often used as a substitute for wheat flour in gluten-free recipes.