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Delta 8

Are you looking for white label Delta 8 products? The legal Marijuana industry is BOOMING! In fact, it’s growing (no pun intended) so fast that many Fortune 500 companies are starting to throw their hat in the ring and when corporate dollars start being tossed around, things will only get harder for small businesses and startups looking to break into this industry. Discount Pharm’s white label program is here to help you launch your own line of Delta 8 THC products and give you the best chances at launching a successful brand.

This multi-BILLION-dollar market is showing no signs of stopping, and will eventually become part of everyday life without the negative stigma that’s been placed on “weed” by the US Government. When that happens, people that established themselves early on will have the greatest chance of building wealth, and becoming a commercial success.

Delta 8 White Label


Discount Pharms has white label Delta 8 gummies, CBD gummies, THCo gummies, HHC gummies CBN gummies and more. Choose from a wide variety of flavors and cannabinoids. Our gummies are strong and they taste great so your customers keep coming back for more.

Delta 8 White Label


Do you need a supplier of hemp flower? We provide wholesale hemp flower infused with your choice of cannabinoids and terpene profiles. White label Delta 8 flower, CBD flower, THC-O flower and HHC flower will come pre-packaged under your own brand, ready for sale.

White Label Delta 8

Carts and Disposables

One of the most popular methods of using alternative cannabinoids is vaping. Discount Pharms can white label Delta 8 cartridges and disposable vapes under your brand for seamless transactions. Discount Pharms 510 carts and disposable vapes are filled with our high quality, lab tested distillates. Select from Delta 8, HHC, HHCp, THCp, THC-O, Delta 10 and quad oil vapes.

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White Labeling Services

Want products that can compete with traditional brands? Now you can have your own customized Delta 8 and CBD product lines for your company. Instead of creating debt while trying to source inventory, create quality products you know your customers will love. Partner with Discount Pharms to get direct access to our preferred network of white label services. 

Delta 8 Packaging
Professional Branding Services

Delta 8 Packaging & Design

Delta 8 Websites

 Our website designers will work hand and hand with our brand strategists to create a stunning website for your Delta 8 company. Our web designers have built numerous sites in the cannabis industry and know all of the required material your merchant account will be looking for.

More questions about Delta 8 white labeling?

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How do I know the levels of CBG in the isolate or oil I choose?

Most CBG isolate or oil products, will come equipped with a certificate of analysis (COA). So you know exactly what your product contains. This will include levels of CBG, and other cannabinoids that may be present in your product. Full spectrum oils will contain materials from the ‘whole plant’, so you can expect a more extensive list of compound percentages. Other types of paperwork you can request prior to purchasing include – 


  • Clone genetics (any of these)
  • Cannabis or Hemp Licensing
  • Refunds and/or Exchanges

Are all CBG concentrates extracted the same way?

No. Depending on the final product type, CBG concentrates are extracted and processed with a variety of methods. Including alcohol/ethanal, butane or co2 extraction methods. If you’re looking for a specific type of extraction for your CBG product, our quality and trusted vendors offer varied processing types for your needs.

Can CBG oil be used with CBD products?

Yes! In fact, many full spectrum CBG products may contain CBD too.