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CBG Concentrate

CBG concentrates are the next big thing to take the market by storm. Whether it’s isolate, extracts or oil in wholesale quantities – you know your CBG is sourced from the best in the industry.


CBG Isolate

If you want a quality, pure isolate product packaged and ready for sale, our established CBG partners have the options you’re looking for. Ideal for beginning a new brand or adding to product offerings. Cut out the process of processing and get your isolate direct from sources who have experience in isolate excellence.



When it comes to CBD vs CBG oil, CBG is the latest cannabinoid to hit the market trends. Get ahead of the rest. Source quality CBG oil for wellness and medical purposes. From wholesale to small batches, full spectrum and more, our trusted vendors have what you need to break into the growing CBG movement.


CBG Processing

Have the hemp and want your flower processed by quality vendors? Discount Pharms has you covered. Our experienced and trusted partners have the knowledge it takes. We process high levels of CBG for white-labeling, edibles or any purpose your operation needs. Contact us today, and get your CBG flower to the right place for processing.

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Enter the CBG Market with CBG White Labeling Services

Want to get your foot in the CBG door but not sure where to start? Having a hard time deciphering the best from the rest, and placing your brand properly in an emerging market? Rest assured – Discount Pharms is connected to a private network of CBG concentrate providers that will help you succeed along the way.

Our farms, wholesale distributors and labs come together to offer new or established brands a myriad of CBG options. With exclusive pricing, and top-quality products – there’s no other way to go. Whether you’re looking to expand your product selection, or start fresh – our vendors are ready to customize your CBG concentrate experience to maximize your overall profits.

The opportunity to be ahead of the trend awaits. Contact us today and begin to cultivate new connections for building your brand in an emerging market. Start your custom CBG concentrate order today! Click below and get connected with the only network you’ll need.


CBG Isolate & Oils

What's the Difference Between Full Spectrum and CBG Isolate?

Isolate products mean just that…CBG is isolated from other plant compounds, and is purely CBG. Full spectrum products extract the whole plant matter, and therefore contain levels of other minerals, nutrients and cannabinoids (up to .3% of THC) that are found in hemp or cannabis plants. Broad spectrum products may also be available, which is a mix of isolate and full spectrum but completely removes THC, if present.

More questions about wholesale CBG or white labeling?

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How do I know the levels of CBG in the isolate or oil I choose?

Most CBG isolate or oil products, will come equipped with a certificate of analysis (COA). So you know exactly what your product contains. This will include levels of CBG, and other cannabinoids that may be present in your product. Full spectrum oils will contain materials from the ‘whole plant’, so you can expect a more extensive list of compound percentages. Other types of paperwork you can request prior to purchasing include – 


  • Clone genetics (any of these)
  • Cannabis or Hemp Licensing
  • Refunds and/or Exchanges

Are all CBG concentrates extracted the same way?

No. Depending on the final product type, CBG concentrates are extracted and processed with a variety of methods. Including alcohol/ethanal, butane or co2 extraction methods. If you’re looking for a specific type of extraction for your CBG product, our quality and trusted vendors offer varied processing types for your needs.

Can CBG oil be used with CBD products?

Yes! In fact, many full spectrum CBG products may contain CBD too.