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Discount Pharms Wholesale Cannabis

CBD  Flower

Discount Pharms carries a large selection of wholesale CBD flower in a wide variety of strains. All of our CBD Flower and organically grown bulk hemp flowers are Farm Bill compliant and contains less than .03% THC.

Wholesale CBD Flower Supplier

Discount Pharms is a trusted supplier of wholesale CBD flower and CBD products. All of our CBD flower is independently tested by third party labs for quality and potency. Before purchasing any type of organic hemp flower from Discount Pharms, you can review the products’ Certificate of Analysis to ensure that our flower meets your requirements. From our Bubba Kush to our Sour Jack, we’re certain you will be satisfied with the quality of our CBD buds wholesale inventory.

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Buy Bulk CBD Flower and Save

Purchase CBD Flower in bulk and save more on every pound you buy. When you view any of the hemp products on our website, you will notice a table that displays discounts based on the quantity of your purchase. Adding more CBD flower to your cart will lower the overall price per pound. The final discounted price for your bulk CBD Flower will be accurately displayed in your cart. The more you buy, the more you save. 

Buy Hemp Flower in Bulk

$100/lb CBD Flower

We carry multiple strains of CBD flower for less than $100/lb. While our pricing is dictated by the CBD market, we usually have more than one strain available for less than 100 dollars. Just because its cheap CBD flower, doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there. The price is just an indicator of availability. Please check the lab testing for our products and see for yourself. You’ll be quite pleased.

Hemp Flower Biomass Wholesale

Great Tasting CBD Flower

As a CBD retailer one of the biggest complaints you’ll hear is “Why does CBD flower taste bad?” At Discount Pharms we will add a terpene profile of your choice to the CBD flower at no additional cost. Choose from over 20 terpene profiles to match the flavors of your favorite strains. As a retailer you can provide a pleasurable smoking experience that will keep your customers returning.

Custom Hemp Flower Strains

White Label CBD

White label CBD products are everywhere. It can be hard to decide which company to use when planning your CBD inventory. Discount Pharms has serviced the hemp industry for over five years and we have an impeccable track record. If you’re considering starting a CBD business, give us a call. We can help you plan everything from packaging to marketing strategy.

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We have one of the fastest turn around times in the industry.

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We have one of the fastest turn around times in the industry.

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