What is the PHC Cannabinoid?

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What is PHC Cannabinoid? What is the PHC cannabinoid in weed? Everything you need to know about this new cannabinoid in our latest article. In the vast and diverse world of cannabinoids, a naturally occurring yet relatively obscure compound is gaining attention. PHC, Para Hydroxy Cannabinol is also known as 4-Hydroxy-THC and sometimes hydrox4phc. Found […]

How To Use Delta 8 Distillate


Delta 8 distillate is a concentrated form of Delta 8 THC that can be used in various ways. It has become increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits, such as inducing a calming and relaxing effect, reducing anxiety, and alleviating chronic pain. If you are new to using Delta 8 distillate, here’s a guide to […]