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Best Soil Mix for Cannabis DIY

Best Soil Mix for Cannabis
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In gardening, the soil is among the most important aspects of growing any plant. It doesn’t matter if you are planting a towering oak, or a tiny little bean sprout, the soil is going to play a massive part in how healthy and strong your plant grows. In this article we’ll teach you how to make the best soil mix for cannabis.

This Is Great Information for First Time Home Growers

In the case of cannabis cultivation, this is no different. Cannabis plants require a very particular set of nutrients within their soil, in order to yield the absolute best results. Because of this, many home growers find themselves simply making their own super soil mix, rather than buying it.

Let’s talk about what goes into making a great super soil mix for your own cannabis plants.

Start Off with A Good Soil Base

You actually aren’t going to need very much in order to be on your way to making your own super soil mix at home. All you need is a good soil base, and a few ingredients. Let’s get started!

Starting with a strong and organic soil base is going to be the first key to success. Cannabis likes a well aerated, slightly acidic, and permeable soil to start with. Make sure that the pH balance of the soil is within the 5.7-6.5 range, and only contains natural and organic materials.

For example:

  • Guano
  • Peat Moss
  • Manure
  • Coco Fiber
  • Sand
  • Rock Dust
  • Vermiculite
  • Perlite

These types of ingredients will help get you started off on the right foot.

Cannabis Soil Mix

Learn How to Mix the Soil

Once you have your base soil, you want to begin by enriching it. Keep in mind, you should ideally create your super soil mix several months prior to using it. This is to help the components break down and permeate the soil better.

You can enrich the soil by adding other ‘ingredients’ to it such as:

  • Vegetable/Fruit peels
  • Eggshells
  • Compost
  • Lime
  • Epsom Salts
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Worm Castings
  • Rock Phosphate

Ratios Will Vary Depending on Composition

Add in your enriching ingredients to your base soil and mix it thoroughly. The ratios will vary depending on the composition of your starter soil. By adding these various components, you are creating a very nutrient dense and rich soil.

These ingredients will take months, or even years to break down sometimes. Because of this, you want to carefully plan your super soil operation. Ideally, you would allow these components to break down in the soil naturally.

However, there is a faster way if you are in a rush.

How To Make a Quick Mix

If you are in a hurry and wish to make a super soil mix that is able to use quickly, you can still do so. The ‘quick and dirty method’ can have your soil ready in two days.

  • Start by mixing 3 parts starter soil
  • Add in 1 part worm castings
  • Add in 1 part perlite
  • Add in 1/2 cup greensand
  • Add in 1/2 cup dolomite lime
  • Add in 1/3 cup guano

Simply mix all of this together and allow to soak thoroughly in water for two days. Let the water runoff completely, and use!

You should be careful with this method, however. It can often come out too nutrient dense and can run the risk of ‘nutrient burning’ your plant. Proceed with caution!

Creating a cannabis super soil mix can be a time consuming, and costly endeavor. For that reason, many home growers simply buy pre-made super soil mixes for convenience.

However, making your own can ensure that you know exactly what goes into it. In addition, it can help you feel more connected to your cannabis plants in a natural way. Ultimately, making a super soil mix is not for the faint of heart–but it can be fun!