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Can I Buy CBG Seeds Online

Can I buy CBG Seeds Online
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There are well over 100 different chemical compounds that exist within the cannabis plant. While the vast majority of cannabis users can only name THC or CBD, the plant itself has far more interesting and varied uses than we may currently know. If you’re a grower, you may be wondering, Can I buy CBG seeds online?

As research into cannabis becomes more heavily funded and supported, experts are able to delve deeper into the additional chemical compounds that exist within the cannabis plant.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of the many compounds within the cannabis plant that is beginning to make an appearance on the international cannabis stage. Much like CBD in the beginning of the 2010’s, CBG might very well be the cannabinoid of the 2020’s.

Let’s take a look at what CBG is exactly, and where you can get your hands on it if you are a grower.

What is CBG?

To put it simply, CBG is just another cannabinoid within the cannabis plant. It can be found in all varieties of the cannabis plant. However, CBG is considered something of a ‘precursor’ to other cannabinoids. You see, CBG is the compound that THC and CBD actually derive from. It is the non-acidic form of ‘cannabigerolic acid’, which is the compound that synthesizes THC and CBD.

I know, I know, that seems extremely confusing. But in short, CBG is the parent molecule to THC and CBD. It is essentially just a cannabinoid compound found within the cannabis plant that the more popular cannabinoid compounds are born from.

Grow your own CBG

Where do you buy CBG seeds?

CBG concentrated strains of cannabis are not nearly as widespread as high THC or high CBD cannabis strains. Not by a long shot. Mainly this is due to the general lack of knowledge or research into what the actual benefits and uses of CBG are.

However, if you are interested in messing around with CBG yourself, you can definitely get your hands on some CBG seeds rather easily. In fact, most seedbanks or dispensaries online will likely carry high CBG strain seeds. Because CBG is not a controlled substance within the USA, CBG seeds can be found almost anywhere cannabis seeds are found in general.

The primary benefit of growing high CBG hemp, is the fact that it can be grown to contain a perfect 0% THC. This means that you can get a cannabis product that has 0 risk of being ‘hot’ by accident.

What to look for when purchasing CBG seeds

As with any type of cannabis seed purchased for home growth, you want to look for reputation. It can be sadly quite easy to purchase a product that isn’t what you bargained for. Some less-than-savory distributors may sell you a basic cannabis seed, under the guise of it being a high CBG seed.

Because CBG is mostly used for medical purposes as of now, try to stick to medical seedbanks, as they are the most likely to have real CBG seed products at a high quality. In addition, you want to stick with feminized seeds in order to reduce risk of messing with the CBG content.

The full spectrum of CBG benefits are largely unknown as it stands right now. However, early research is promising that it can have more than a few benefits particularly in the medical field.

If you are someone who loves to grow, and experiment with different types of cannabis growth, getting on the CBG wagon early could be quite rewarding! CBG seeds can be found rather easily through online distributors, just remember to keep your sources reputable.