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Can You Overdose On CBD?

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Can You Overdose on CBD

CBD oil is currently available in many markets due to its ability to induce relaxation. The fact that the supplement is not psychoactive intoxicating makes it a substance suitable for almost everyone. Can you overdose on CBD?

However, the question many people strive to answer is whether one can overdose on CBD oil and what the side effects might be. Experts in the field advise that the intake of CBD needs some controlling as it is a substance that interacts with receptors which may be overwhelmed in case of a high dosage.

Advisable Dosage of CBD Oil For An Individual

The mass of an individual will determine the amount of CBD oil that is right for them per day. It is vital to note that CBD dosage is not constant. Once you get used to taking a certain dosage, you can double it after a month or two of usage.

The reason behind this change is that your receptors would have gotten used to the effects of CBD. Therefore, if you are used to taking 15 mg in the morning and the same amount in the evening, you can theoretically shift to 30 mg twice a day after two months of using CBD oil.

Overdosing on CBD

Side Effects of Using High Dosage of CBD Oil

There are proven side effects that can arise if you start using a dosage of CBD that is stronger for your mass. First, you may have a dry mouth. A 2006 study revealed that endocannabinoid system receptors were present in the salivary glands. Therefore, the high dosage of CBD will place them under shock thus inhibiting the release of saliva. Secondly, you may feel lightheaded or dizzy due to a slight drop in blood pressure after overdosing on CBD oil.

The other side effects include nausea and feeling sleepy.

In individuals with certain health conditions, the side effects may be more extreme. For example people with Parkinson’s disease who overdose end up receiving severe tremors. It is therefore prudent that if you have any medical condition, you consult with your healthcare provider first before using CBD oil supplements and products.

Start Slowly

In summary, CBD oil is a substance with many medical benefits such as reducing anxiety, relieving pain and inducing relaxation. The fact that its contents are natural extracts makes the product seem devoid of side effects. However, since it interacts with the receptors in your body, a strong dosage could trigger side effects.


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