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CBD and Pregnancy

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CBD Oil and Pregnancy

Please Note – We do not suggest taking CBD while pregnant. Nor do we suggest replacing any currently prescribed products by your physician, and always recommend you speak with a physician before potentially combining and trying new CBD products with prescribed medications. Our CBD and Pregnancy article is for informational purposes only and does not intend to offer any medical advice or services.

There are a lot of opinions and advice on what you should and shouldn’t do while pregnant. However, when it comes to controlling stress, morning sickness, or any other unpleasant symptoms, many mothers-to-be are reflecting on whether or not to use CBD products.

Many are not really sure about the effectiveness of CBD oil. Therefore, one of the most searched questions is whether it is safe to use cannabidiol (CBD) oil while pregnant. This article is a quick overview of whether the use of this oil would be a good idea in that scenario.

What Is CBD Oil?

Anytime you hear the word “cannabis”, you might think of something that makes you feel high and is addictive. However, when we look at the classification of cannabis, there are two major compounds that are nowadays used in health and drug services.

One is a psychoactive substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and the other one is cannabidiol (CBD), which is non-psychoactive. CBD oil is an extract of a subspecies of the cannabis plant, which is low in THC, but high in cannabidiol.

This allows you to benefit from the medicinal properties of the hemp plant, like treating mood disorders, without getting high.

Can you use CBD while Pregnant

Top view of pregnant woman eating salad in bed

How CBD Oil Can Help Pregnant Women

Carrying another human being in their body can cause a woman to experience several issues. CBD oil can help to treat the following conditions faced by many pregnant women.

1. Morning Sickness

Some women experience morning sickness in the first three months of pregnancy. This involves a feeling, much like a hangover, as you get out of bed in the morning. These symptoms are greatly relieved by the use of CBD oil.

2. Vomiting

Vomiting and nausea are mainly a built-in mechanism that stops the digestion of certain bad foods in our body. It mostly occurs in the first three months of pregnancy.

CBD oil helps to activate 5-Hydroxytryptamine, which helps the body slow down the expulsion reflex, thus helping to reduce vomiting and nausea.

3. Premature Contractions

Premature contractions is one of the many causes of premature deliveries these days. When your body is placed in certain conditions, it naturally attempts to expel the baby, causing a premature delivery.

However, a study conducted in 2010 revealed that CBD oil can help to sustain the pregnancy for a longer period.

4. Back Pain

Back pain is caused by the increasing weight of your body. As the baby grows, the uterus continues to put pressure on the area of the pelvic-floor, which results in pain around the area of the legs and lower back. CBD acts as a pain killer, thus helping to alleviate these symptoms.

CBD oil does not help to alleviate all the symptoms that a pregnant woman can experience. Therefore, you should also start wondering whether this is safe for your baby.

Is CBD Oil Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

The use of CBD oil during pregnancy is not well researched; therefore, most specialists do not recommend its use. However, it’s important to point out that CBD oil is doing nothing more than instructing the body to remain in balance. It affects the mood in a positive way, helping you to balance your hormones.

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No studies have ever shown negative or adverse reactions with the use of CBD oil. And since the mother benefits from its side effects, it might actually be beneficial for the baby too.


If you are considering CBD as a safe supplement to take during your pregnancy, then it’s important to know that only pure CBD is recommendable. Ensure that you buy from a trusted supplier, and that it does not contain any THC. Confirm with your doctor about your particular condition before using this oil.


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