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CBD for Arthritis

CBD for Arthritis
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Before we discuss if CBD can relieve arthritis pain, first, we must understand what it is.  CBD, a kind of cannabinoid, is actually a chemical substance present in the cannabis plants naturally. It consists of different chemical substances including THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) which happens to be psychoactive and is likewise capable of altering the mental state of an individual.

At present, you’ll come across different types of CBD oil products on the market, and they are mainly employed for minimizing inflammation and also reducing pain. According to some recent studies, it has been revealed that CBD oil might be useful for various conditions including pain relief.

One of the most significant causes of disability in the US is arthritis and in excess of 50 million Americans have been affected by this condition at present. Below, we have mentioned the 2 most typical types of arthritis:

  1. Osteoarthritis (OA): This is actually a degenerative condition affecting the bones as well as joint cartilages, thus leading to stiffness as well as pain. It usually affects the thumb joints, knees plus the hips.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA): It is an autoimmune ailment which triggers the immune system of any person to attack the joints, thus leading to inflammation. In most cases, the hands and feet of the person are going to be affected by RA.

It has been unearthed by some studies that it is possible to treat arthritis using CBD oil which will also help to get rid of the related inflammatory discomfort. However, there isn’t much scientific evidence regarding whether CBD is really effective in treating the condition or not. Although the findings so far have been quite encouraging, some more research must be performed on this particular subject.

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“One of the most significant causes of disability in the US is arthritis and in excess of 50 million Americans have been affected by this condition at present. Below, we have mentioned the 2 most typical types of arthritis:”

CBD for Arthritis in Seniors

How Does CBD Oil Help To Relieve Arthritis Pain?

CBD, just like the other cannabinoids, attach themselves to specialized receptors in the brain of the affected person. One such receptor, known as a CB2 receptor, is responsible for alleviating inflammation as well as pain. According to the researchers, once CBD enters the body of the individual, it tends to attach itself to the CB2 receptors. It might also stimulate our body to produce natural cannabinoids which attach themselves to these receptors.

Many scientists believe that CBD plays a major role in minimizing inflammation as well as pain by influencing the way in which the receptors respond to the signals received by them. In fact, a research conducted in 2008 revealed that CBD might be responsible for managing chronic pain effectively.

Side Effects, Risks, And Considerations:

It has been found by some studies that CBD oil can cause mild side effects to those people who are using it. Some of these consist of irritability, tiredness and fatigue, insomnia, as well as nausea.

CBD is not approved by the FDA as a proper medical treatment for arthritis. In fact, the FDA only approves CBD as an effective treatment for a couple of rare types of epilepsy. Although CBD is legal in the majority of the states in the USA, it is not legitimate in every one of them. Consequently, it would be prudent to verify the laws in a particular state prior to purchasing or even using CBD oil.

Interestingly, CBD oil might lead to some allergic reactions in some cases, and therefore, it would be sensible to apply it to a small area of the skin at first. Moreover, one should make it a point to consult with his or her physical practitioner before using this oil.

The Bottom Line on CBD

There is no doubt about the fact that CBD oil does show some promise as an effective treatment for arthritis. According to some researchers, it can minimize inflammation as well as pain to a great extent. However, as mentioned earlier, further studies will be required to be sanguine of the ability of CBD oil in treating arthritis pain successfully.


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