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CBD for Runners

CBD for Runners
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Over the past couple of years, more states in America have been legalizing the use of cannabis, the legalization is not only in America but also in some countries across the world. This shows that the world is finally acknowledging the health benefits of this substance. The use of cannabis has been observed to be more in several activities like professional and recreational sports. This is the reason why CBD for runners has become widely popular.

According to a number of studies carried out by some scientists who were investigating the health benefits of cannabidiol or as it is famously known CBD, the kind of high a runner gets when running and the kind of high any person gets after the use of cannabis are both brought about by the endocannabinoid system. If you run for a long period of time, your body naturally produces the endocannabinoid known as anandamide, the chemical which is responsible for making you feel high.

One of the most commonly used substances from cannabis is the CBD oil. Most of the runners who have used it claim that it helps them when they are running. To understand the topic better, this article will take you through a thing or two you need to know about CBD oil and whether it helps runners or not.

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What is CBD?

This is a cannabinoid which is not psychoactive, this means that if you use CBD you will not get the natural high of cannabis. This is the reason perhaps, why most countries have legalized the use of CBD for their athletes. CBD does not bind to CB1 receptors as THC does. The use of CBD has also been seen to mediate inflammation, pain perception, and your body’s temperature.

CBD Helps Runners With Inflammation

One of the biggest issues every runner will tell they go usually through is inflammation. CBD oil is used in points like these because of its anti-inflammation features. This is a good way to prevent injuries in joints when the athletes are running. Apart from lessening the pain from swelling, CBD also can act as a replacement for things like Bengay or lidocaine.

Lessen Stress and Anxiety

Everyone admits to being nervous before doing something big, the same way athletes feel nervous before doing a big race despite much practice. Athletes use CBD oil to help them relieve some anxiety, this is because CBD is widely used for antidepressant properties.

Speeds Recovery Times

Accidents like falling do happen because they are inevitable and you may hurt yourself. Instead of always turning to OTC painkillers which will only help you relieve the pain, you can opt to use CBD. CBD helps you in both relieving the pain and making the recovery time shorter.


As it has been seen, the use of cannabis and its product are beneficial to our health. However, you should only use these products if they are legal in your respective country. You should also check with your doctor if it’s okay with you to use the products.


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