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CBD Oil for Headaches

CBD Oil For Headaches
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CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, is a therapeutic extract of the cannabis plant. CBD is not a mind-altering component of cannabis sativa. Hemp plants are the main source of CBD oil.

Daily people are using CBD Oil supplements in the treatment of their diseases and conditions including migraines. Although not federally approved as a drug – CBD, itself is thought to block the psychoactive elements in THC and will therefore not get you high, which is something a lot of people worry about. This is a relief for people who suffer from migraines, as these headaches can last up to 72 hours and are a major disruption in peoples’ daily routines.

Let’s learn how people are using CBD oil supplements for migraine headaches – For the record we are not the FDA and it should be know CBD is NOT RECOGNIZED BY THE FDA as a medical alternative to your primary medications. Any use of CBD products should be advised by your medical doctor.

CBD Research & Studies

Due to the illegal nature of cannabis products, it has been difficult for scientists to conduct sufficient research on the effects of CBD oil on migraines. Some laboratory experiments have however proved that cannabidiol can be used in the treatment of chronic and acute pain conditions like migraines.

In a recent study, 26 people who had headaches due to overuse of medicines were observed and monitored .they took either ibuprofen or nabilone combined with oral cannabis to treat their pain. Each combination was used for weeks at a time while taking 8 weeks to break in between the combinations. At the end of the study, it was discovered that the participants’ symptoms had diminished and the pain had significantly reduced.

It is, however, important to note that this experiment only evaluated the effects of cannabis as a whole-and, not pure CBD oil – on pain. There is a need to conduct further research on human subjects to determine the true effects of CBD oil on migraines.

How does CBD work?

Researchers believe that CBD interacts with brain receptors in your brain and immune system. It then creates painkilling effects that reduce the pain of migraines. It acts on serotonin levels which reduce the migraine symptoms.

How to use CBD oil for Migraines

Vaping CBD oil is an effective way to get it into your system. You can use vaporizers and inhalers for this. It can also be taken orally in concentrated drops which are placed under the tongue. The oil can be sprayed onto your body or placed inside edibles like cookies and candy. There are also products that penetrate your body through lotions, creams, patches, and balms. You should use the method you feel most comfortable which. Oral CBD is less likely to cause any side effects and is therefore recommended for beginners.

The amount you need to take can be really confusing because different companies recommend different doses. Most doctors also do not know how to prescribe adequate doses because the use of cannabis for treatment is not covered in medical school. Use the instructions provided by the product you buy and test out the recommended dosage. You can add or reduce the dosage depending on your progress.

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“Researchers believe that CBD interacts with brain receptors in your brain and immune system.”


CBD oil can be a great method for treating migraines as compared to painkiller drugs because it is non-addictive. Currently researched, it has fewer risks and produces positive results as per reviews by users. It is one of the most natural treatments known to man and if you do suffer from migraines, I would recommend trying it.


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