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CBD Patches for Sleep

CBD Patches For Sleep
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CBD (cannabidiol) products are becoming very popular in the world today. People are appreciating their usefulness, as they gain a better understanding of their actual benefits. As a more convenient way to administer CBD, the industry is now offering transdermal CBD patches for sleep and pain.

You must have come across terms such as CBD, CBD oil, or CBD patches. They are all related. However, people may not know much about CBD patches, also known as transdermal patches, their benefits, and who can use them.

So, What Are CBD Patches?

Cannabis contains cannabinoids, which account for more than 40% of its active ingredients. CBD patches, or transdermal pads are made with cannabinoids. They are used by simply attaching them to the skin.

The high-potency CBD extract in the patch/pad is slowly released into the blood through the skin. A small amount of CBD is released when the porous membrane of the patch is activated by body heat.

The component then flows through the circulation to the central nervous system, where they exert their effects; mainly pain relief. CBD is released from the patches in a controlled way, which can be over a period of between 1 and 4 days.

However, this depends on the type of patch you are using. CBD patches are waterproof and resemble band-aids, depending on the brand.

Benefits Of CBD

CBD has several benefits. Firstly, they come in their natural form without added chemicals. This means that you draw all the benefits of a cannabinoid extract in its natural form, without interference from other chemicals. Any chemicals added would prevent a compound from exerting their effects properly. Also, they produce different side effects to the body.

Secondly, the mode of CBD administration into your system is very beneficial. The compound enters blood circulation via anywhere your skin is thin, like your ankles or wrists.

There is no interference of the active ingredients, compared to when you smoke or ingest them. In this case, there is minimal loss, controlled release, and faster effectiveness.

All CBD patches are waterproof. The patch is attached to a water-resistant adhesive, so water cannot interfere with them. You can shower when you’re still wearing them. They may not be 100% waterproof for prolonged exposure, however, as a longer duration will render them ineffective.

CBD patches provide larger quantities and accurate ratios of cannabinoids that are delivered into your body. This makes them more effective, when compared to other forms of use.

Because of their unique design, the patches have a longer dosing period of up to 4 days, which allows for the steady absorption of cannabinoids. Patches can be quite beneficial, especially if you are targeting a certain body area. For those who are likely to forget taking their supplements, due to a busy schedule, patches are a better option.

Who Can Use CBD Patches?

CBD patches are suitable for people with chronic pain. They provide a convenient method of CBD absorption into your body. It will only require you to replace the patch as directed. It is a simple and constant method of pain management.

If you have never used CBD before, these patches might be the best option for you. You get the appropriate experience the first time. You can, therefore, gauge whether it is what you need. Due to the gradual release of a controlled amount of CBD, your body gets used to the effect over time.

As stated before, CBD patches are very convenient if you keep forgetting to take the supplements, or are very busy. You only need to change the patches when instructed to do so.


CBD is used in treating different conditions such as inflammation, cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, mood disorders, and chronic pain. CBD patches are a better alternative to ingesting or smoking cannabis.

They are particularly very beneficial for pain relief and anxiety. Once released into the blood, they can help the entire body with various ailments or diseases.


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