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CBD Vape Additives

CBD Vape Additives Guide
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Vaping cannabis is one of the most popular methods of consumption around these days. Whether it be CBD, or THC, many marijuana lovers prefer to get the fast-acting quick hits of a vape rather than edibles or standard flower smoking. However, the problem with vape e-juice, is that sometimes it can contain certain unsavory CBD vape additives.

These additives can lead to a number of health issues such as popcorn lung or other respiratory conditions. In the case of one individual who vaped Jamaica Ginger, they received paralysis in the leg known as ‘Jake leg’.

These issues stem from a striking lack of regulation in the young marijuana vape industry.

Here is how you can avoid these unsavory additives and read your e-juice labels properly.

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What to Look For on the Labels

The blunt truth is (hehe) it’s never 100% safe to inhale anything that is a foreign substance to your lungs. However, in general, vaping is relatively risk-free so long as the vaporized liquid is natural and organic.

Sometimes vaping liquid manufacturers will add thickeners, thinners, preservatives, flavorings, and even coloring to make their product more appealing. Most of these are safe, but some are a firm ‘no-go’.

The biggest culprit in health concerns is vitamin E acetate, or tocopheryl acetate. Vitamin E Oil is used in a lot of health and wellness products but should never be inhaled in the way that vape juice is consumed. It is typically used as a thickener, as it can thicken the CBD or THC oils without making them too runny for the vaporizer.

However, vitamin E oil has been connected to the injury, and death of dozens of users all across the USA. This is an ingredient that you should always be on the lookout for; it has luckily been banned in many states already but can still come across boarders through illicit trades.

CBD Vape Additives

Other Compounds to Look For

Other compounds that can cause issues for those sensitive are propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. These are common additives used to help the oils vaporize properly, but when not in their ‘organic’ state they can cause allergic reactions and health concerns.

Aside from these small issues, vaping marijuana e-liquids are relatively safe. All reports of recent investigations have linked most if not all of the issues to vitamin E acetate, and potential allergens such as synthetic vegetable glycerin.

Knowing Where the Product Came from Is Very Important

It is also important to note that all of the issues related to vaping marijuana e-liquids were connected to black market vape cartridges.

These cartridges and liquids are known to be filled with additives that ‘cut’ the marijuana oils to make the stretch further in various ways. In this case, it is much like trying to drink moonshine made in the mountains; you might be fine, but you never know if it’ll turn you blind.

Your best bet is to always buy your vape e-liquids or cartridges from reputable sources and licensed distributors. They will not contain vitamin E acetate and will likely contain natural vegetable glycerin over synthetic.

The marijuana vape scene is still in its ‘wild west’ phase. That is, there is still very little strict regulation on what can and cannot be added to the liquids in general. Because of this, unsavory practices have popped up and health issues have skyrocketed.

As mentioned above, as long as you stick to reputable distribution channels, you are likely to be 100% fine. Just remember to check your labels, and research if your vape liquid contains vitamin E acetate in any form, or synthetic vegetable glycerin. The rest should be smooth sailing.