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Dissolvable Cannabinoids – What Are They?

What Are Dissolvable Cannabinoids
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In several states in the US, cannabis is legally used for recreational and medical purposes. You can find infused edibles in many cannabis dispensaries. With infused products, its flavor or aftertaste is often detectable. Over the years, it has been a big task to solve the problem of cannabis flavor. Finally, a new preparation method seems to overcome this challenge, and it is called dissolvable cannabinoids. This is the newest way to consume your cannabis. Perhaps you are wondering how dissolvable cannabinoids are made. Yes, we shall look at this in length but first, let’s get some heads up on this topic.

What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) are water-hating oily matter, also referred to as hydrophobic. It implies that the edible and packaged cannabis product is insoluble in water. Throughout the medical cannabis industry, the term “water-soluble” THC or CBD has been used extensively to mean a cannabis product that can consistently incorporate into the water after separating its ions or molecules, so it maintains the taste or flavor. And as we all know, any oily substance is typically repelled by water, making the two substances remain separated.

Making water-soluble cannabinoids

That said and done, the good news is that THC, CDB, or any other oily cannabis product can be made water soluble or compatible, so it maintains original odor, flavor, and taste. The question is: how are dissolvable cannabinoids made?

The truth of the matter is that it is incredibly hard to turn an insoluble molecule into a soluble one. This is why cannabinoids are considered to be hydrophobic and explains the reason why the cannabis industry has, for a long time, been limited to infusion options. Below, we have listed the steps required to convert non-soluble cannabis to a soluble cannabinoid product.

First step: Emulsification

The very first step begins by sourcing a high-quality carbon dioxide distillate. Take this distillate and emulsify it into a semi-liquid mixture (called slurry) using food-grade emulsifiers and surfactants. At the mixture stage, the distillate gets broken into minute particles besides being coated by surfactants. This is typically the only option on how to make “water-hating” particles turn soluble!

Second step: Drying

This step involves removing excess moisture to dry up the slurry. While it takes several days to evaporate, it can be accelerated using vacuum ovens. Once it is dry, you will have a dry and fine powder, ready for dosing or packaging.

Final step: Dosing & Packaging

Just like any other dispensary product, dosing dissolvable cannabinoids is a vital step. It involves rigorous testing, careful calculation, and more importantly, precise execution. Once you are through with dosing, you can easily package the product according to your set standards.

Dissolvable Cannabinoids

Benefits of dissolvable cannabinoids

Besides being soluble in water and easily mixed into any other beverage at any chosen concentration, dissolvable cannabinoids provide users with exceptionally high therapeutic effect and bio-availability. They are easily absorbed into the body – through the skin or orally – completely and very rapidly. In fact, uptake begins immediately in the mouth, if you prefer oral administration, which means the product achieves quicker onset of action and higher potency for lower doses. Other benefits include:

  • Odorless;
  • Fully activated;
  • Zero calorie – hence used for health-conscious options;
  • Flavorless.

Now you know how to make “water-hating” cannabis into a stunning water-soluble product. The game changer is in the power of dissolvable cannabinoids and there you have one of the newest ways to consume your herb!


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