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Feminized Seeds – What is the Advantage?

Feminized Seeds
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When getting into cannabis growing for yourself, you are going to hear a lot about ‘sexing’ your plants. This is simply the process of determining whether your cannabis plant is male or female.

In the case of optimal growth, it’s always best to eliminate the male plants during the growing process, in order to allow the females to fully flower and grow the smooth smoking bud we all know and love.

The reasons for removing the male plants as soon as possible are simple – they are not as high in THC as female plants, and they can pollinate the females to produce seeds, which are no fun for smoking. Unless you are trying to crossbreed your plants, and produce seeds specifically, you want the males gone ASAP.

For that reason, many growers will purchase feminized seeds only. Here’s a few reasons why you, also, might want to consider buying feminized seeds:

Feminized Seeds Are a Sure-Thing

Unless you are a mega-farm that has a ton of money and resources, you likely don’t want to risk throwing away 50% of your product. When growing cannabis at home, you always run the risk of having a good portion of your plants being male, which means that you have now wasted time, effort, and money.

When you purchase feminized seeds, you are guaranteeing that all of your plants are going to be female, and nothing is wasted.

You Get to Work Less, For Better Results

If your end goal of growing is to have high quality bud, you want to maximize potential to do so. This means you want to use every bit of available space and resources towards maximizing your harvest.

While sexing cannabis plants is a relatively simple process, it does take time and effort that could be used doing more productive things. By ensuring that all of your plants will be female, you never have to sex them. In addition, you don’t have to worry about missing a male plant and risk it fertilizing your entire crop and wasting everything.

Feminized Seed Advantages

Better Product

Feminized seeds are typically monitored more closely and more carefully controlled by the seedbank. This means that you can accurately access the specific flavor profiles, and strain details that you are looking for.

This also means that you will likely have more options when it comes to flavors, aromas, and characteristics when shopping for seeds. All-in-all, feminized seeds tend to yield a more genetically pleasing product at the end.

Of course, not everyone is going to want to avoid male cannabis plants altogether. If you are in the market or crossbreeding your own strains, or you want to produce your own seeds, feminized seeds are going to be little help.

However, for the average home grower who wants to maximize their harvest potential in every way, feminized seeds are the best way to do so.

In short, feminized seeds save you a lot of time, effort, stress, and even potentially money. You will be more in-control of your crop, and your harvest will be far easier to predict. It’s rather simple, feminized seeds offer a lot of advantages.