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Hemp Drying Services and Equipment

Hemp Drying Services
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Hemp drying services and equipment are essential in the curing process. Properly cured hemp results in the best hemp products. This cannabis plant usually has a high moisture content which makes proper drying very crucial. After harvesting, most moisture in hemp comes from the seeds that are not matured well, broken plants and enclosed seeds.

Despite the high moisture content, both the hemp seeds and plants can dry up quickly. Hemp drying can be done in one of two ways; airing them to dry naturally or using drying machines.

For those using dryers, close monitoring is important since any slight increase in temperature within the machine can damage the hemp. This can in turn lead to poor quality oil as well as other products.

To make drying easier, ensure you harvest on sunny days when moisture level is limited. Some of the hemp drying equipment you can use are:

Thermo Hemp Dryers

These machines use a combination of different techniques to fasten the drying process and give the best results. Even as they dry faster, they leave the molecules and other useful compounds intact. This leads to better products when processing is done.

Thermo hemp dryers are some of the best machine you can use to preserve your hemp as they eliminate any chances of growth of molds or decomposition during storage.

Hemp Drying Machines

Guoxin Hemp Drying Machine

Mesh and Belt Dryers

This type of machine dispenses hot air over the hemp to dry it. The hemp is placed on mesh and taken to the heat distribution unit using a belt system. Got air then passes through the steel mesh and is evenly distributed to ensure the hemp dries evenly.

The mesh and belt hemp dryers have multiple sections that all work together to make work easier for you.

Apart from the dryer body, they also have control panels, distribution panels and fans that all aid in heat control and distribution.


Most companies offer different hemp drying services at different rates using different methods. Some of the hemp services include:

Gutter Drying Services

The use of steel gutters to dry hemp. This service is mostly offered at the production centers to make it easier for both the farmer and the processing team. The gutters have to be made of galvanized sheets and can vary in sizes. This service is great because the sheets are reusable and completes the work fast.

Air Generator Services

This service involves using generators placed on wheels to dry out the hemp. These generators have great engines that can handle different amounts of workload. Different types of generators may be used by different service providers but they all have to use warm air.

Some of their details may also differ from others like the engines, techniques used and end result are always the same.

Container Drying services

This technique uses trucks in containers together with warm air generators. The hemp that is dried in trucks uses warm air generators together with propane gas compound. Drying in the containers have a similar technique with the difference being in the flame power and the amount of gas used.

Case Drying Services

The case drying hemp service used different methods. One of the methods is using columns made of steel sheets while another method uses drying closets which is most suitable for hemp seeds. Another method uses floor drying together with an air distribution sheath while another involves use of multiple containers placed at a fixed point.


Apart from drying, hemp services also include harvesting and processing. Dealing with hemp takes a lot of work, skills and patience but the rewards are usually worth it. Drying, specifically plays a big role in the type of end product that can be found.

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