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How is Delta 8 Flower Made?

How is Delta 8 Flower Made
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If you’re the type that enjoys an instant kick of uplifting euphoria or deep relaxation and calmness without suddenly feeling glued to the couch, you should familiarize yourself with the Delta 8 THC flower.

This minor psychoactive cannabinoid is commonly claimed to be a milder and less intoxicating alternative to Delta 9 THC found in most sativa strains. Due to its incredible effects and benefits as well as unique extraction process, Delta 8 is growing in popularity.

In terms of the effects, it offers you just the right amount of a floaty high while still keeping you focused and alert. So, even if you’re only just beginning your journey with the magical THC, Delta 8 is your safe bet. 

Customers love it not only for its mellow vibes but also for its numerous therapeutic benefits. It enhances your mood, boosts your appetite, and combats nausea. When taken in a higher dosage, Delta 8 can improve your overall health condition; it can help you with stress and pain relief as well as depression or insomnia. 

If you’re up for that smooth smoke experience that won’t make you feel overwhelmed or anxious, check out our section about Delta 8 to find out all the details about this incredible invention and let yourself ease the tension.

What is Delta 8 flower?

Delta 8 is one of the four naturally occurring components of a hemp flowers, right next to Delta 9 and CBD flower. However, its presence in the strains is extremely minimal; it makes up less than 1% of an entire plant. For that reason, it’s difficult to cultivate and harvest it in a traditional way, just like for example, the Delta 9 flower, even though they are essentially the same plant.

Although Delta 8 can be sourced from natural or specially bred strains, the method is rather ineffective. It would make the price of Delta 8 products too over the top for the general customers as making high-quality Delta 8 THC would require stacks of plants that could also easily go to waste. 

So, due to the difficulties with growing Delta 8 flower naturally, a scientific technology comes with help. 

How is Delta 8 flower made?

Delta 8 THC flower is basically a hemp flower with Delta 8 added to it and there are various methods of applying it to create a high-quality smoking product.

Manufacturers produce Delta 8 THC from a CBD flower by rearranging one compound’s naturally occurring chemical components and transforming them into another. Since both Delta 8 flowers and CBD are chemically similar isomers, this cultivation process is called “isomerization”.

What happens as a result is that Delta 8 substance made from CBD is refined into Delta 8 THC Distillate. This pure oily essence is then added to premium hemp material by lightly spraying it onto them. 

A similar effect can be achieved when the D8 essence is applied to the plant in a solidified form. It then looks like the flower is lightly dusted with it and its effects are comparable to the former method. 

Another method enables Delta 8 to be produced through a multi-step infusion process. It starts with selecting the highest quality hemp plant before immersing its buds in D8 infused kief and distillate oil. The process goes for multiple days until the buds appear frosty. Each coating enhances the floral psychoactive capacity, enabling users to experience maximum THC capabilities. So, the frostier, the better.

Delta 8 Flower

Adding THC to Delta 8 Flower

As you’ve noticed, all of these methods involve applying Delta 8 THC distillate to the hemp flower. The plant can be either sprayed onto, dusted with, or dipped in the liquid. So which method might be the best for creating a truly relaxing smoking experience?

Spraying the distillate onto the flower material provides it with a delicate THC effect that is light but enjoyable. When smoked, you can taste the delectable, mildly earthy taste that enhances your overall experience. 

Dusting the flower with a solidified essence works equally gently and allows the psychoactive attributes to be gradually built up for the desired intensity without leaving the flower too soggy. 

The hemp plant immersed in the Delta 8 distillate is definitely an effective way to make the THC product highly potent that might suit more advanced users. This method however can result in the flower getting too soggy and therefore too heavy to smoke, as well as may appear harsh in flavor. 

Is Delta 8 natural or synthetic?

You might think that if Delta 8 THC flower is produced in a lab environment, it will stand as a synthetic product. As long as you associate “synthetic” with chemical substances, that’s not the case.

The fact is that Delta 8 is synthesized from another hemp plant compound which clearly indicates that it’s not produced naturally. And for that reason, it may be regarded as a synthetic product.

It’s worth noting, however, that even though it’s not grown naturally, the scientific process of producing Delta 8 doesn’t involve adding or subtracting any substances during the isomerization process. It’s made of organic ingredients only and is free from any harmful chemicals.

As we mentioned before, the trick is based on moving around the elements that are already there. Therefore, there’s no chemical intervention in the hemp plant when producing Delta 8 so the material comes out in a completely natural, toxic-free form.

Which Delta 8 THC product is right for me?

You can come across a variety of this natural cannabinoid that differs in terms of smells, flavors, and most importantly, effects. 

There are two main types of hemp plants with added Delta 8 that may suit your needs:

Indica strains are known to have calming attributes, so if you’re looking for that perfect nighttime wind-down tool, they are your secret weapon. High levels of myrcene terpenes contained in Indica hemp (like Northern Lights) are responsible for their relaxing effect that will provide you with a good-night sleep. 

Sativa strains (like Sour Diesel or Hawaiian Haze) are instant energy and mood boosters, especially when used during the daytime. They contain powerful limonene and pinene terpenes that work as an energy drink. If you’re up for an uplifting feeling of euphoria, Sativa is what you should opt for.

There’s a wide range of THC products in various forms that you can administer in multiple ways. The most common and effective way of consuming hemp plants such as Delta 8 is by smoking them. Smoking THC is known to have a much quicker onset of effects than ingesting it in the form of edibles.

You can smoke Delta 8 in the form of pre-rolls, loose flowers, or through vaping. Smoking THC flower guarantees the desired effects within the first 10 minutes that last on average from 1 to 3 hours. On the other hand, the effects of ingesting THC are fully felt after around 2 hours and can last even up to 24 hours. So whatever your desired effects are, you will find a product suitable for your needs.

The variety of Delta 8 products

Whether you want to smoke or eat Delta 8, Discount Pharms has got you covered. If you’re a smoker type aiming at uplifting euphoric vibes, we offer you an excellent sweet sativa strain Lifter CBD flower to boost your mood. For quiet nighttime of peace and stillness, we recommend you try out our berry-flavored Indica dominant hybrid strain Fruit Loops CBD flower and a slightly stronger Cherry Diesel CBD that features delectable hints of fruits and coffee. 

If you’re more into vaping, have a look at our range of cartridges with a high potency Delta 8 THC distillate that offers a large variety of powerful terpenes for your maximum satisfaction.

Or maybe you want to try the D8 in edible form for a slightly different high? If so, you must try our organic gummies that come in 4 delicious fruit flavors and can guarantee incredible benefits. 

No matter how you want to take to the magical Delta 8 you should always remember to start low and slowly work your way up to achieve the desired effect of a THC high. This may help you get the most out of your experience and avoid unwanted side effects, such as nervousness or grogginess, for pure joy and relaxation only.

Is Delta 8 legal?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill Delta 8 is legal by federal standards and that varies depending on the state. The legality of the Delta 8 flower relies strongly upon its natural manufacturing qualities, as it’s classified as an “isomer” and considered to be a product of conversion rather than a synthetic material.

Every state controls hemp in a different way, and some states still operate specific legislation that prohibits the sale of THC. 

Where can I find quality Delta 8 THC flowers?

One of the most crucial advantages of Delta 8 THC flower is that it’s much more accessible compared to Delta 9. In areas where Delta 8 is sold legally, you can easily buy it online. We have a couple of clues for you to help you decide on which Delta 8 product to choose for the best smoking experience. 

  • Always pay close attention to brand reputation when buying to find out companies producing organic hemp. The best Delta 8 flower products will come from deep-rooted brands that specialize in growing premium hemp plants. US farms are leading guarantors of unbeatable potency of their organic high-quality hemp flowers
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